Our Core Values


  • We work collectively. No member, board member or sub-group has more say than another.  
  • We believe that it takes a lot of people to get this right. 


  • We support individual women members in leveraging their personal donations into $100,000 grants.
  • Every meeting and event is led by women and filled with women participants.
  • Women members learn from others who have different life experiences from their own. Through membership, women can be learners as well as mentors and teachers to others.
  • Being part of Impact100 challenges us. It expands our thinking and connects us more strongly to organizations and people in the region.


  • We’re anchored to our core values and foundations, but we adapt. We respond to changes in our external environment, whether in philanthropy, our community, our membership, or elsewhere.
  • We strive to think creatively and respond effectively to challenges that we face as an organization or that we see in the community.


  • We welcome any woman who wants to join Impact100 and be part of our collective grants. The only requirement is to identify as a woman, be age 21 or older, and make the membership contribution by November 15 for the following year’s grants.  
  • We uphold a culture that is friendly and welcoming.
  • Diverse perspectives are valued and needed; the more diverse we are, the better an organization we are.
  • Members decide their personal level of participation, and all levels are equally valued by our organization.

Open-minded and Curious 

  • We are interested in new ideas and opposing views that challenge our thinking.
  • We seek to learn about and understand the needs in our region.
  • We welcome feedback and use it to get better; we seek to be continuously improving.


  • We have no hidden agendas. The Board informs, and ideally engages, members when making major decisions. Any significant changes to grantmaking are clearly communicated to members, applicants, and grantees.
  • We show no favoritism to any member over another or to any applicant over another.