About Membership

Here’s how Impact100 Philadelphia works:

  • To join, a woman must be 21 years or older, and must donate $1,150 by November 15. Of that amount, $1,000 goes straight into the pool of grant funds for the coming year. Women who are 35 or younger may join as Young Philanthropists by donating $575.
  • Membership is a one-year commitment and there is no obligation to participate beyond donating.
  • Grant finalists are determined through a detailed process of proposal review and evaluation by members, and grant recipients are selected by a vote of the membership — one woman, one vote.

One of the most significant things to note about our organization is that each member chooses her level of involvement. Of our more than 400 members, many are investors who want only to make their donation and cast their vote for grantees. Many others participate actively by serving on a Focus Area Committee to review proposals and conduct site visits to applicant organizations. Each year, for those who want to engage further, there are opportunities to serve in leadership roles or a range of other volunteer commitments. And as an organization, we host a number of educational and speaker programs throughout the year in Center City and surrounding suburbs.

Demographically our members are a diverse group who live across the region. We span six decades from Young Philanthropists in their early 20s to members in their 80s. Professionally, we run the gamut from early-career professionals to stay-at-home parents, from executives to small business owners, part-time workers, and retirees. It is that very mix of backgrounds and perspectives that makes membership so interesting.

Now in our fifteenth year, we remain excited about:

  • the impact of this unique philanthropic model.
  • how we can collectively contribute to our region’s phenomenal nonprofit community.
  • how we each can find meaning — on our own terms — through our membership.

We would love to have you join us!

Thank you…

"I feel blessed to have been along for this journey. Thank you for providing a way to make my time and the time of so many others a force for good. See you next year."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Member

High, high values for me…

"Just about every interaction I’ve had with Impact100 has been impressive – content and process. What I see is a democratic process that is aimed at learning and achievement – high, high values for me."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Member

I would be welcomed…

"I like that there is no requirement to be on a committee or attend programs. But if I chose to become more involved, I know my participation would be welcomed."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Member

I will join again…

“My experience as a member has been very positive and I will join again. The organization is exceptionally well run."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Member