The Impact of Impact100 

Impact100 Philadelphia engages women in collectively funding high-impact grants. We award large collective grants that seek to address unmet needs in the Philadelphia region and raise the profile of smaller nonprofit organizations. Through this work, our goal is to make our community more just, equitable, and healthy for everyone.

Through Impact100’s collective grant-making, each member is able to magnify the positive effects of her individual donation. Together, Impact members learn about the most pressing needs in our region and provide significant support to nonprofit agencies that are working hard to address those needs.

We strive to engage respectfully with our grantees and we are well aware that the nonprofits we seek to support know far more about their needs and constituencies than we do. We seek honest dialogue and open communications, striving to understand the pressures and challenges that our applicants and grantees face. Some grantees have said that Impact100’s grants process is a motivator — an inspiration to think big and plan strategically for the future. We hope that is the case and we are always open to feedback from the nonprofit community for how we can do better.

In June 2021 our 431 members awarded $420,000 in collective grants: $400,000 through the Core Mission grant program and $20,000 through our pilot Community Awards. We congratulate not only the finalists, but all organizations invited to submit a full proposal (76) in 2021 and the 28 that reached the highest level of review.

You can see and search the full list of Impact100 Philadelphia’s grants on the Find a Grantee and Grantees A-Z pages.


Featured Grantee: Musicopia

Musicopia has had some big news in 2020. We’ve been following this unique music and cultural organization for years, but even more closely since Musicopia received a $100,000 Core Mission grant in 2019 to support its Drumlines program.

In late August, Musicopia’s Gift of Music program was featured on WHYY‘s You Oughta Know. You can watch here (starting at 15:15). In the segment, a young musician describes what the program means to her and other students:

“I like music. Most people like music. But I never really had an interest in making it, or knowing what that felt like, until I actually had the opportunity to do it.” She added, “I’m really glad the program’s here… You have all these kids with untapped potential, that might actually be legitimately interested in music, and they’ll never be able to find that out because they don’t have an instrument to use. It’s a lifesaver.”

In September 2020, Musicopia announced a leadership transition. Our warmest congratulations and gratitude to long-time executive director Denise Kinney, who is stepping down after 15 years of remarkable service. Best wishes to Catherine Charlton who is taking over to lead Musicopia and Dancing Classrooms. Read more in this press release.

A momentous day…

“This is a momentous day in the life of our organization.  We know with this great gift comes enormous responsibility.  We will exceed all that we’ve told you we’d do.”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Recipient

Made many new friends…

"We were honored and delighted to be a part of your process and made many new friends through the Impact activities."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Recipient

Positive, supportive, and enthusiastic…

"I have never experienced a more positive, supportive and enthusiastic experience from a potential funder. Our site visit was a particularly positive experience.”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Recipient

Impressed with the careful attention…

"I was impressed with the careful attention given to each organization, the thorough review process, the depth of the questions during the site visit phase, and the egalitarian voting process for the finalists."

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Recipient