Every fall, Impact100 hosts a Grant Application Information Session, date TBA. Additionally, the Financial Review group will hold virtual office hours to answer questions about financial requirements, date TBA.

Step 1. Application Period (TBA 2024)
Applicants are encouraged to carefully review Impact100's Eligibility and Funding Priorities before applying. If they decide to apply, they must submit an application via Slideroom by the deadline. (See the application questions in this Word document.)

Step 2. Impact100 Philadelphia Members Review the Applications
Impact100 reviews all applications and notifies applicants if they have been selected to move forward. All applicants are notified of this decision in mid-February.

Step 3. Impact100’s Financial Review Panel Audits Applications
Impact100’s Financial Review Panel (FRP) will review applications for financial stability.  They may reach out to applicants with questions and/or requests for additional information, including a Financial Summary form.

Step 4. Site Visit
After Impact100’s FRP team reviews all proposals, applicants will be notified if they have been selected for a site visit. All applicants are notified, even if not selected.

Step 5. Selection of Finalists
Each Focus Area Committee selects a Finalist by mid-May. A packet of information about each Finalist is shared with Impact100 members.

Step 6. Selection of Grantees
Impact100 members vote by individual ballot in late May. The voting results determine the year's grant recipients.

Step 7. Payment of Grant Funds
Core Mission grant recipients complete a formal grant agreement prior to the release of funds. Impact100 distributes grants in installments, depending on the nature of the proposal.

Step 8. Reports and Evaluation
Grantees submit periodic reports to Impact100 as specified in the grant agreement.


A Request to Grant Applicants

Please do not contact Impact100 members, as all members are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the grant process.

A Grant Application Information Session is held in the Fall to walk through our funding priorities and the application timeline.  This is a great place to clarify questions before the application goes live. Please request to be added to our mailing list.

Questions about the application process only may be emailed.