About Our Grants

Impact100 Philadelphia provides high-impact grants that support a nonprofit organization’s core mission. Our goal is to address unmet needs in the Philadelphia region and raise the profile of smaller nonprofit organizations. Impact100 grant funds may be spent on necessary infrastructure, staff salaries, primary programs or services, or other expenses that strengthen an organization and enhance its ability to do its core work. 

A central question in our application is Why now? We ask applicants why this juncture in particular is the time that a $100,000 grant will have a large impact on the organization.

Each year, our grant funding is determined by the number of women who join Impact100 by November 15. By mid-December, we announce the grant funding total to be awarded the following June.

Our process begins with applications due in November. Applicants apply for a $100,000 grant in a Focus Area that aligns with their mission, programs or services. Our Focus Areas are Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness.

Applications are reviewed by Focus Area Committees from December to April. In mid-May, grant finalists are announced and then grant recipients are determined by a vote of the membership.

We recommend that applicants review Impact100’s Eligibility Criteria carefully, and consider attending our Grant Application Information Session in the fall. 


Benefit to our community…

“I view the Impact100 initiative as a true benefit to our community and am heartened by the high level of involvement and enthusiasm of its members.”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Applicant

Appreciated the opportunity to tell our story…

“While we are sorry not to be moving to the final stages for consideration, we were very grateful for your validation and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to tell our story to the Impact100 community. We will most certainly apply again next year.”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Applicant

Uplifting to the staff, board and volunteers…

“It has been most satisfying and uplifting to the staff, board and volunteers to have our modest proposal and organization be met with such support, professionalism and encouragement!   While we are disappointed not to be among the finalists, I want the review committee and all of your members to know how meaningful it has been to us to have progressed so far in your process.”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Applicant

A terrific experience…

“While we were all certainly disappointed not to be selected as a finalist, I have to say that everyone here felt honored and privileged to have made it as far along in the process as we did.  It really was a terrific experience – from the initial LOI to the site visit (which was one of the better site visits I’ve ever experienced!).”

-Impact100 Philadelphia Grant Applicant