Frequently Asked Questions

How does Impact100 Philadelphia work? 

Impact100 Philadelphia awards high impact grants to nonprofits in the Philadelphia region by:  

  • Engaging women in pooling their individual donations into large collective grants  
  • Educating members about community issues and the nonprofits that are addressing those issues most effectively  
  • Forming Focus Area Committees comprised of members who choose to be involved in proposal review
  • Awarding multiple general operating grants of $100,000 Core Mission grants, Operating Grants, and Community Awards to local nonprofits determined by the vote of the membership.


What is the timing for becoming a member and awarding a grant? 

The annual membership drive closes on November 15 each year.  Our grant-making takes place between January and June, with the grant recipients being celebrated at the Annual Meeting in early June. Grant pool donations received annually by November 15 determine the total grant funding that will be awarded the following spring.   

What types of organizations does Impact100 Philadelphia fund with its general operating grants?  

Impact100 will review grant requests from nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia region that apply into one of the five Focus Areas:  

  • Arts & Culture  
  • Education  
  • Environment  
  • Family  
  • Health & Wellness  

Is my donation to Impact100 Philadelphia tax deductible?  

Yes, Impact100 Philadelphia is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service in 2008.  Contributions tax-deductible for the year in which they were made. In accordance with IRS regulations, we estimate that members may receive $50 of goods and services at events during the course of the membership year.

How much of my contribution will go toward the grants versus administrative expenses?  

Of the $1,250 general membership contribution, $1,000 goes to the grants pool and $250 goes toward helping to offset administrative costs. For Young Philanthropists (women age 21 to 35) who join by contributing $675, $500 goes to the grants pool.

How does Impact100 Philadelphia pay for administrative expenses?  

Administrative costs are offset in four ways. A small portion of each member’s contribution is directed toward operating expenses. Second, “Friends of Impact100” are non-members who make unrestricted donations to support administrative costs. All Friends donations are tax-deductible. Third, in a typical interest rate environment, bank interest can be earned on donations from the time of receipt until the payout of our grants. And finally, Impact100 seeks corporate matching funds or other support and in-kind donations specifically for administrative expenses.  

If I can’t make a donation as a member, is there a role for me?  
Yes, a very important one. You can be a Friend of Impact100 Philadelphia and donate to the grants pool, the Founders Fellows program, or to support administrative expenses. Additional donations to the grants pool increase the amount of funding we can award to the outstanding nonprofits vetted through our Committees’ review. Donations can be made online or by check; see details on our Join/Donate page.

How involved do I have to be as a member?  

Only two things are required to be a member: You must be a woman age 21 or older, and you must make a membership contribution by November 15. Most members choose to cast a vote for the grant recipients, but it is not a requirement. If you would like to be more involved, you may wish to serve on a Focus Area Committee to review and evaluate grant proposals.  You may want to attend site visits to some of the nonprofit applicants. You might decide to join a committee to help plan the Annual Meeting, or brainstorm recruiting events, or think of educational topics to present to our members. The choice is yours as to how involved you become and there is no expectation for members to participate beyond donating.  

How long is my membership in Impact100 Philadelphia?  
A membership contribution is for the coming year’s grantmaking cycle.  Women who donate by November 15 are members for the following year, including the next grant cycle which concludes the following June. Members decide each year whether to renew their membership.  

Can I pay my membership contribution in installments?  

Yes. Installment payment options are available both when paying online or by check, but payment in full must be received by November 15 in order to be a member for the next grants cycle. All installment payments are nonrefundable donations. Click the JOIN button and select the Installments option.

Can men participate in Impact100 Philadelphia?  

Men can participate as a Friend of Impact100 and donate to the grants pool, to the Founders Fellows program, or to support operating expenses.

If my employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation? 

Yes, we gratefully accept matching gifts if your employer has a charitable matching program.  Funds matching your contribution play an important role for our organization, as they will be applied toward administrative expenses.   

How is Impact100 Philadelphia affiliated with other national Impact100 groups?  

Impact100 Philadelphia has no formal affiliation with any other Impact100 groups and operates entirely independently. We follow a model first established in 2001 by Impact100 in Cincinnati, and we have close bonds with many of our sister collective giving organizations around the country — sharing best practices and learning from one another. Many of those bonds have been formed through participation in Philanos, a national network of women’s collective grantmaking organizations. We have benefited tremendously from the experience and guidance of other women around the country.