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New for the 2020 grants, Impact100 Philadelphia’s funding region will include only the five-county Philadelphia region in Pennsylvania, and will no longer include Camden County, NJ.

This decision was made with mixed feelings, as Impact100 Philly has funded several outstanding Camden organizations over the years, and our members are proud and honored to have made those connections. However, there is a positive reason for this change. At our founding in 2008, we were the only Impact100 organization operating in the Mid-Atlantic Region. As collective giving has grown as a movement, the Impact100 model has spread, and there is now a New Jersey Impact100 group that funds Camden County. Because we are still the only Impact100 providing funding to Pennsylvania organizations, we feel it’s best to keep our funds within the state.

Our very best wishes to the outstanding organizations in Camden that we have come to know and admire over the past 11 years, and to our sister organizations in New Jersey, especially Impact100 South Jersey!