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When women join Impact100 Philadelphia, they are often counseled that the organization strives to create a “guilt free” environment. There is room for every level of desired involvement. Want to simply write a check and trust it will be well-spent? That’s fine, members are under no obligation to participate in any one of the various Impact100 committees. However, many women seek a deep engagement with both the process of grant making and the necessary work to make Impact100 Philadelphia a functioning organization.

In January 2018, new and nearly new members gathered at Kismet Cowork in Chestnut Hill to learn about the many volunteer opportunities available to make Impact100 Philadelphia a strong and vital presence in our community. In addition to service on Focus Area Committees, various standing committees require our members’ time and talent throughout the entire year. A wide range of abilities are needed: new volunteers are always welcome. Participation can enhance your ability to become an informed philanthropist, and each committee enriches the Impact100 community and membership experience.

Interested in introducing a friend to Impact100 Philadelphia?  Email [email protected] to let our Membership Co-Chairs know, and keep an eye out for upcoming membership information sessions.

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