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What does philanthropy mean? The actual word origin is from the Greek term philanthropia: “kindliness, humanity, benevolence, love to mankind” (from gods, men, or things). For centuries, this word implied a lofty sense of both mission and participation. Philanthropy seemed to be the stuff of foundations and trusts. Average citizens with middle-of-the-road finances have always participated in charitable giving but would not describe themselves as “philanthropists.” Impact100 Philadelphia is part of a growing movement to update that definition, and recognizes that philanthropy should be a broad, inclusive philosophy open to everyone.
Philanthropus LLC works to illustrate the enormous effect charitable giving, including time, talent, and treasure, has on our community. By helping to visualize and understand the impact of every charitable action and donation, they believe everyone will be more engaged, active and effective in their communities and in their social circles. Impact100 Philadelphia is proud to be recognized as “every day philanthropists” and a leader in our region in re-imagining charitable commitment. Click HERE to read about our organization’s role in broadening the definition of philanthropy.
There is a new spin on charitable opportunities and connections in the current “Season of Giving” campaign spearheaded by Philanthropus and their partner, Saxbys Coffee. Through a new app, promotional giveaways and charitable listings, donors can learn about organizations dedicated to solving specific community problems and can track their gifts of time, money, and social connectivity. Click HERE to learn more about the program or visit any Saxbys to participate.