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Meet the Wirshbas, a dynamic mother-daughter duo at Impact100 Philadelphia.

Susan and her daughter Ally are one of a handful of mother-daughter combos at Impact100 Philadelphia.

Susan, a Haverford resident, joined Impact100 Philadelphia in 2010, after her family relocated to the area. She encouraged Ally to join as a Young Philanthropist. This is Ally’s first grant cycle. “I love being able to be a part of an organization with my Mom where we share a common goal of engaging in philanthropy!” said Ally.

As Susan became more involved with Impact100 Philadelphia, she was excited to share her experience with Ally. Ally had attended events as a guest with her mom, including the Annual Meeting. “This special event at the end of the grant cycle is what really opened my eyes to Impact’s mission and what it means to the Philadelphia area’s non-profit community,” said Ally. “Sharing in this experience with my Mom and seeing all of the hard work that Focus Area Committee, Board and other committee members put into choosing which organizations will receive grants made me realize I want to be part of this great organization.”

It didn’t take much to convince Ally to join. Impact 100Philadelphia’s Young Philanthropist program proved to be a good fit for the Center City resident. “I am loving the experience of being able to meet and work with other women of all ages from all different backgrounds,” said Ally.

Bringing her daughter in as a Young Philanthropist was key for Susan, who is a current Board member. “It’s important for us to to bring in younger women,” said Susan. “They represent the next wave of leadership in our organization.”

The Wirshbas have spent a lot of time volunteering together over the years. When Ally lived at home, they volunteered with their church, St. Thomas in Villanova. The pair has also done the 3-day Susan G. Komen walk in Boston and the Philadelphia walk as well. Susan and Ally enjoy doing hands-on activities with Impact100 Philadelphia, like the events at Cradles to Crayons or Philabundance. “We do things together to make a personal difference, not just a financial one,” said Susan.

Ally mirrors Susan’s infectious enthusiasm. For years, Susan would tell Ally about her experiences with Impact100 Philadelphia. Now it’s Ally’s turn to tell Susan about her experience, like reading proposals and touring sites for the Arts & Culture Focus Area Committee.

“Our bond is as strong as it’s ever been,” said Susan. “It gives us something else to talk about,” she added.

Special thanks to Impact100 Philadelphia member Eileen O’Donnell for her contribution.