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Opening in 1998, Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM), was founded to provide Chester County residents free primary medical, dental, orthodontic and behavioral services in a clinical environment to adults living below the poverty level with no insurance. CVIM’s mission is to help uninsured adults regain their health to become productive members of the community and strives to keep children free of dental pain and oral disease so they may thrive in school and with a healthy self-esteem.  CVIM’s medical services are provided by volunteer licensed clinicians including: physicians, dentists, nurses, mental health professionals and other specialties. In 2016 CVIM provided care to 35,178 patients (including 1,575 new patients due to changes in ADA and Medicaid) equating to $5.9 million dollars’ worth of free medical services. In addition, CVIM’s other services include: the dispensing free prescription medications, 200 student clinical rotations, nutritional counseling, support groups, therapy sessions, Women’s Healthcare Services.  CVIM will use Impact100 funding to expand two patient programs; First, a Mobile Dental Outreach program to provide services at satellite locations, and Second, expanded Behavioral Health Services Programs. Impact100’s money would also fund a bilingual Patient Education Navigator (PEN) to help patients navigate the complicated healthcare system and other CVIM service.

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Type: Core Mission

Focus Area: Health & Wellness

Grant Amount: $100,000