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Dear Fellow Impact100 Philadelphia Members,

Last week, members directly involved in the grant review process have been engaging in serious discussions around the community needs our grant applicants work to fulfill. Presented with so many significant funding opportunities, we have been impressed by the quality of critical thinking and respectful discourse taking place as FAC members decide where our grant making will have the greatest impact, particularly at this time of great uncertainty surrounding government funding.

We see, perhaps more than ever, the importance of the mission of Impact100 Philadelphia – women philanthropists collectively pooling their monies to provide large, private dollar grants to nonprofits in our region. We are confident that the power of our collective grant-making model, when implemented by a community of thoughtful, informed and concerned women, will result in the selection of five nonprofit finalists that can affect real social change.

It is the members of Impact100 who make this vital source of private funding for nonprofits possible. It is the passion of our members to foster positive change that drives our process. As FACs begin their site visits and continue their research and deliberations to bring forward core mission proposals to receive funding, we will continue to actively listen to all of our stakeholders, right up to the final vote at the Annual Meeting on June 5, 2017.

In the fall of 2017, Impact100 will celebrate its 10th anniversary as a women’s collective grant-maker, committed to funding nonprofits that provide critical services needed by the most vulnerable, underserved and needy in the Philadelphia region. We remain confident that together we can continue to bring about positive, empowering and needed change in the many diverse neighborhoods that make Philadelphia such a vibrant place to live. Thanks to each one of you for your belief in the ability of women-powered collective grant-making to further this effort. We look forward to changing many lives for the better in the years ahead.


Mary Grace Tighe and Claudie Williams

Impact100 Philadelphia