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It happens every spring in Philadelphia. The Phillies are back, flowers bloom, potholes appear and the Impact100Philadelphia grants cycle moves into full swing. Central to the evaluation process is the work of our Financial Review Panel. This year, nineteen of our members with special professional skills provide financial analysis for our teams and focus area committees. Their review supplements our site visits and paints a more complete picture of our grant applicants. The committee is spearheaded by Karen Batchelder and Amy Kolhari, and the thorough financial review allows our membership to trust the grantmaking process.  Amy Lipton is a seasoned member of Impact100Philadelphia. Her years of work on the Financial Review Panel have served as a catalyst for professional inquiry, growth and opportunity.

Click HERE to watch Amy explain to Impact100 Philadelphia Vice President Carolyn Ashburn how service has affected her career.

Are you interested in serving as a member of the Financial Review Panel? Click HERE to learn more about our grants process.