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Philadelphia Young Playwrights (PYP) began its first full year of operation in 1987 and quickly established a reputation for its innovative classroom practices. PYP focuses on playwrighting as a literacy-learning tool and as an opportunity to engage students in new and creative ways. Their mission focuses on the transformative nature and opportunity that exists in playwrighting, a vehicle for personal introspection, empathetic imagination, and performative storytelling, which has tremendous potential to build community and to cultivate citizen-artists from participants and audiences alike. PYP sees the creative arts as the most hopeful potential for people with chronic trauma.  Impact100’s core mission grant would enable PYP to address a number of needs over a two year funding period by: 1) sustaining their Provision of Core Program residencies in four school classrooms equaling approximately 100 hours of direct instruction; 2) purchasing 30 iPads to support classroom equity; and 3) developing a pilot program in partnership with Healing Hurt People (HHP)- a hospital-based violence intervention program designed to reduce re-injury and retaliation among youths who are victims of intentional violence. PYP will be integrating playwrighting into HHP’s program.

Grant Year: 2017

Grant Type: Operating

Focus Area: Arts & Culture

Grant Amount: $30,000